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    USnacks Box
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    USnacks Box

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    RM  31.50  10.99  
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    SKU: LN-S00013

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    OMG!! USnacks Box?! Only RM 0.99?!

    *RM 10.00 shipping fee ONLY for Peninsular Malaysia.

    *USnacks Box charges for different shipping fee for EAST Malaysia.

    Items in package included:

    1) Nyonya Flossy Chicken 娘惹鸡丝酥(x1)

    A crunchy biscuit full of local taste which made from chicken floss and local spices.

    - Ingredients: Flour, Margarine, Sugar, Egg, Flossy Chicken, Sesame, Pepper, Five Spice Powder & Salt.

    - Individual Pack: 8 pcs

    - Shelf life: 12 months

    2) Nyonya Sambal Shrimp Crisps 娘惹虾米酥(x1)

    - Special biscuit made up of sambal shrimp with secret recipe. This scrumptious Sambal Shrimp Crisps with little spicy will make up your day.

    - Ingredients: Flour, Margarine, Icing Sugar, Oil, Egg, Shrimps & Salt

    - Individual pack: 8 pcs

    - Shelf life: 12 months

    3) Chang Jiang 3 in 1 White Coffee (x2 sachets)

    - Nothing tastes better than a nice cup of traditional 3 in 1 Chang Jiang White Coffee with thick, smooth and aromatic in your perfect day. Taste treat is well-received domestically and overseas. Remarkable ancient and traditional Chang Jiang trusted by discerning coffee lovers over the decades.

    - Ingredients: Creamer, Sugar and Instant Coffee

    - Individual Pack: 2 sachets

    - Shelf life: 24 months

    4) Chang Jiang Lemon Tea (x2 sachets)

    Start your busy day with a healthy cup of Chang Jiang Lemon Tea which works wonders to reduce inflammation, sore throat, insomnia and other symptoms. How you choose to colour your life? Chang Jiang Lemon Teh, is your wise choice. You can make it different.

    Ingredients: Sugar, Tea Powder, Lemon Extract Powder.

    - Individual Pack: 2 Sachets

    - Shelf life: 24 months 

    5) Se Woh Chilli Sauce (100gm)

    - Remarkable Se Woh Chilli Sauce is tasty chili condiment to tingling your mouth which made by Vietnam chili in order to create the finest sauces in Malaysia. It can be perfect accompaniment for each and every meal. A quality and delicious chili sauce favoured by entire age range of consumers, and tasty served with various kind of food.

    - Ingredients: Chilli, Sugar, Vinegar, Salt, Garlic, Spices and Benzoic Acid