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    Premium Snacks Package

    Premium Snacks Package

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    Item In Package Included:

    1) Nyonya Flossy Chicken 娘惹鸡丝酥(x1)

    A crunchy biscuit full of local taste which made from chicken floss and local spices.

    - Ingredients: Flour, Margarine, Sugar, Egg, Flossy Chicken, Sesame, Pepper, Five Spice Powder & Salt.

    Individual Pack: 8 pcs

    - Shelf life: 12 months

    2) Nyonya Sambal Shrimp Crisps 娘惹虾米酥(x1)

    - Special biscuit made up of sambal shrimp with secret recipe. This scrumptious Sambal Shrimp Crisps with little spicy will make up your day.

    - Ingredients: Flour, Margarine, Icing Sugar, Oil, Egg, Shrimps & Salt

    - Individual pack: 8 pcs

    - Shelf life: 12 months

    3) Nyonya Walnut Cookies  娘惹核桃酥(x2)

    - Indulge yourself with Nyonya Walnut Cookies made to perfection with superbly rich walnut taste.

    - Ingredients: Flour, Icing Sugar, Margarine, Shortening, Peanut Oil

    - Individual Pack: 8pcs

    - Shelf Life: 12 Months

    4) Nyonya Cheese Biscuit 娘惹芝士饼 (x1)

    - Produce by using Europe’s top grade of parmesan cheese powder. It is slightly salty and yet healthy.

    - Ingredients: Margarine, Icing Sugar, Egg, Plain Flour, Corn Flour, Cheese Powder, Black & White Sesame Seeds

    - Quantity of biscuits:16pcs

    - Shelf Life: 12 Months

    5) Nyonya White Coffee Biscuits 娘惹白咖啡饼 (x1)

    - A dough which well blend with Malaysia white coffee powder that made the biscuits taste as roasted coffee.

    - Ingredients: Sugar, Flour, White Coffee Powder & Butter.

    - Quantity of biscuits: 16pcs

    - Shelf Life: 12 Months

    6) Nyonya Durian Biscuits 50g  娘惹榴莲饼 (x1)

    - A thin and crispy biscuit produce by using Malaysia high quality durian paste.

    - Ingredients: Flour, Cooking Oil, Baking Powder, Sugar, Salt.

    - Quantity of biscuits: 16pcs

    - Shelf Life: 12 Months