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    Home > Products > Freshly baked / 新鲜烘焙小吃 > Nyonya Salted Egg Crisps / 咸蛋酥 (6pcs/box)
    Nyonya Salted Egg Crisps / 咸蛋酥 (6pcs/box)

    Nyonya Salted Egg Crisps / 咸蛋酥 (6pcs/box)

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    SKU: LN-BK023

    Stock: Stock available

    Brand: Little Nyonya 小娘惹
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    We only choose salt egg that prepared by ourself, and resist any salted egg that frozen before. We prepare the appropriate ratio of chicken floss and crust and delicious to eat.

    Product Feature: The taste of salted egg~fresh, fine, soft, completely shown by the chicken floss and crust.

    堅持选用自家烹煮的咸蛋黄, 也决不为了省工省钱而采用冷藏咸蛋黄. 配上适当比例的香脆鸡丝和层次分明的酥皮, 口感扎实饱满...让人回味...
    产品特点 : 咸蛋黄的口感~鮮, 细, 嫩, 松, 沙...完全被香脆的鸡丝与酥皮衬托出来.