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    Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Package (East Malaysia)

    Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Package (East Malaysia)

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    • Description:

    *Mooncake Gift Box x1 / 明月寄相思中秋礼盒 x 1

    *Please enter the name of receiver when you proceed at checkout page (customer remarks column). If nothing stated at remarks, we will enter the name of the buyer./ 在您付款的时候(customer remarks),需填上送礼对象的名字。如若没有填写任何名字,我们将会写上付款者的名字。

    *This event only start from now until 20September 2018. / 活动仅从今日起至9月20号。

    *This product will be delivered (on working day) after confimed payment确认付款后,1天工作日后发货。

    *This product will only start delivery on 29 August 2018. / 产品会从8月29日起发货。

    • Single Box/ 一盒:

    Pandan Lotus Melon Seeds x2 (莲蓉瓜子)

    White Lotus Single Yolk x2 (单黄白莲蓉)

    Shanghai Mooncake x2 (上海月饼)

    Salted Egg Meat Floss x2 (咸蛋肉丝)

    • Items in the Box:

    1. 莲蓉瓜子/Pandan Lotus Melon Seeds


    Nostalgic treat with fragrant pandan lotus pastes filling with melon seeds, delicate use of sweetness and savoury for munching. Let’s try now!

    2. 单黄白莲蓉/White Lotus Single Yolk


    Incredible white lotus single yolk mooncake stuffed with dense pure lotus filling, combined with finest salted egg yolk. Perfectly richness fillings behind that golden crust with your friends and family!

    3. 上海月饼/Shanghai Mooncake


    Powdered and soft crust of Shanghai mooncake with buttery fragrance. Unique combination with well-balanced sweet green pea and finest salted egg yolk. Grab it while you can!

    4. 咸蛋肉丝/Salted Egg Meat Floss


    Authentic salted egg meat floss mooncake has firm exterior with the combination of fragrant pandan lotus pastes, chicken floss filling with salted egg yolk. Munch with tender QQ muachi, perfectly balances every single flavour.