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    Home > Products > Beverages / 饮料 > MYCOFE Long Black O / 怡保纯白咖啡 (18g x 15pcs)
    MYCOFE Long Black O / 怡保纯白咖啡 (18g x 15pcs)

    MYCOFE Long Black O / 怡保纯白咖啡 (18g x 15pcs)

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    SKU: LN-I007

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    Brand: MYCOFE 新源隆
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    • Description:

    Sin Yoon Loong, the pioneer of “Ipoh White Coffee” was established in 1937 Ipoh, Malaysia. Its tradition and heritage in arriving at the exquisite aroma and taste have been carefully preserved over the years. Using only premium selected Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, creamers selected and cane sugar, Sin Yoon Loong is the leader when it comes to quality and is the true symbol of “Ipoh White Coffee”. Superior in flavour, we guarantee to satisfy every coffee lover’s heart.

    马来西亚怡保新元隆白咖啡,80多年的老品牌,经典美味的白咖啡! 新元隆白咖啡,源自新元隆茶室, 创办于1937年,其以独特的烘培方法,廷用传统制作手法,选取上等阿拉比卡及罗布斯塔咖啡豆,在咖啡豆焙炒过程中,以低温烘焙技术,保留原始咖啡的自然风味及浓郁的香气。历经数十年的光景,在工艺上不断的改进,并迎合现代生活口味的变化的经营理念下,研制了新元隆三合一速溶白咖啡口感爽滑、纯正、香浓、不带一丝苦涩、爽身舒心,令人回味无穷.

    • Ingredients:

    White Coffee Premix, Sugar


    • Individual Pack:

    18g x 15 sticks packs

    • Shelf Life:

    24 Months

        • Weight: