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    Incredible Pack 1.0
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    Incredible Pack 1.0

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    SKU: LN-S00009

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    Items Include In This Package:

    1) TKN Durian Seaweed 榴莲紫菜 (x1)

    - Tao Kae Noi proudly presents BIG BANG Grilled Seaweed. With the prefect combination of the high quality seaweed and various new tasty flavours such as Hot&Spicy, Spicy Grilled Squid, Classic, Tom Yum Goong, BBQ Sauce, Coconut, Durian grilling in the suitable temperature, then becomes BIG BANG Grilled Seaweed. It will maintain the quality as well as the nutrients in seaweed itself ensuring the greatest smell and taste. Best served as snack with your favourite drink or anyway you desire.

    - Ingredients: Seaweed, Sugar, Durian Powder, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Smoke Flavour Powder, Durian Flavour, Salt. Flavour Enhancer, This Product contains Soys

    - Individual Pack: 9 packs x 6g

    - Shelf life: 12 months

    2) Crispy Cuttlefish Roll 鱿鱼脆卷 (x1)

    - Cuttlefish that packaging in a good condition with original flavour, crispy, free from smelly , durable, and delicious.

    - Ingredients: Cuttlefish, Fresh Fish Meat, Flour, Wheat, Salt, Sugar, Pepper, Chilli

    3) Durian Nougat 榴莲牛轧糖 (x1)

    - Musang King Durian well known as the king of fruits. The combination of savory, sweet and creamy all at once make people always craving on it. Soft, chewable and crunchy nougat with the mouth watering durian puree definitely the favourite for all.

    - Ingredients: Durian, Almond, Milk Powder, Glucose, Water, Egg White, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Salt

    - Shelf life: 15 months

    4) Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet 大发鳕鱼丝 (x1)

    - This product is manufactured from fresh fish meat using sophisticated and hygienic technology under the strictest quality control. It is rich in protein and minerals especially carbohydrate and calcium. It is tasty, nutritious, easily digestible and contains all the natural goodness for the whole family.

    - Ingredients: Fish Meat, Refined Salt, Sugar, Chilli, Starch and Permitted Food Conditioner.

    - Shelf life: 9 months