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    Home > Products > Health Care Products / 保健品 > Be Simple Madu Kelulut / 简.乐 银蜂蜜 (300g)
    Be Simple Madu Kelulut / 简.乐 银蜂蜜 (300g)
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    Be Simple Madu Kelulut / 简.乐 银蜂蜜 (300g)

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    SKU: LN-I077

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    Brand: Be Simple 简.乐
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    • Stingless bees are found throughout tropical regions especially Malaysia Rainforest. Stingless bee honey is more liquid, the high water content makes it fermentation naturally. It taste sweet sour and pleasant and with a boost of floral fragrances. MARDI in Malaysia are popularize the breeding of Stingless bee because study proved that it contain high Bioflavonoids, Terpenes, Enzymes, Multi Vitamins & Minerals. As a medicinal honey to human, it contain natural antibiotic elemetns and function as antioxidant, strong anti-bacterial & antitoxin function, dilation of blood vessels, strengthen the immune system and activation of cells. 


    • 100% Pure Honey

    Consumption Method:

    • Twice a day in morning and evening. 20 to 30 grams each time. Consumed directly or served with warm water.

    Storage Method:

    • Keep in cool dry place