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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    FAQ for Seller

    How to register and sell in Snack2u?

    Fill in the blank in this SELLER ENQUIRY FORM, our person-in-charge will contact you in 2-5 working days.

    What are the remaining required documents needed for seller application?

    For SDN BHD:
    1. SSM (Form 9/ Section 17)
    2. List of Directors/Partners/Owners (Form 49 & Form 24 / Section 14)
    3. Signatory’s IC
    4. Bank Statement (Company Name & Account Number)
    5. *GST Number (Customs Letter)
    6. Address Proof (Telephone/Electricity/etc bill)
    7. Signed & Stamp Seller Agreement

    1. SSM
    2. Signatory’s IC
    3. Bank Statement (Company Name & Account Number)
    4. *GST Number (Customs Form)
    5. Address Proof (Telephone/Electricity/etc bill)
    6. Signed & Stamp Seller Agreement

    For Individual Seller:
    1. Signatory’s IC
    2. Bank Statement (Name & Account Number)
    3. Address Proof (Telephone/Electricity/etc bill)
    4. Signed & Stamp Seller Agreement

    *If applicable

    How long does it take to approve my seller application?

    7-14 working days.

    What can I do if the information of products need to be update or edited?

    Kindly drop by an email to, we will reply in 1-2 working days.

    Zero Tolerance Policy towards Counterfeit

    It is each seller’s responsibility to source and sell only authentic products and to immediately deactivate any product that is in violation of our guidelines:

    1. Items that apply a trademark (e.g. a brand or character logo) on the product, the product packaging, or anywhere in relation with the product, without authorization by the trademark owner.
    2. Items that contain specific design elements (e.g. cartoon characters or colorways) protected by a trademark, without the authorization by the trademark owner.
    3. Items that bear such similarities with other products that they are likely to deceive buyers into thinking they are made or sold by the owner of the other product's brand (e.g. a replica of a branded item with or without altered logos).
    4. Items that are in violation of any local country laws in which they are sold

    In case of doubt we advise you to talk to the manufacturer and/or distributor of the products, and to your legal advisors. Snack2u will collaborate closely with brand owners, its customers and the authorities to prevent the sale of counterfeit items.

    Fulfillment By Snack2U (FBS)

    1. What is FBS?

    Fulfillment by Snack2u (FBS) is a service where Snack2u is responsible for processing, packing and shipping your orders. Your items are stored in Snack2u warehouse.

    1. What is the cost for using FBS?

    There is no charges for handling fees per item delivered, with FBS you avoid additional personnel, packaging and warehouse costs for the fulfillment of your orders. Free storage fees.

    1. How do I send my products to Snack2u warehouse?

    Supplier own delivery.

    1. Is there a limit for Snack2u warehouse stock keeping?

    Yes, recently there is limitation on stock storage in our warehouse for Fulfillment by Snack2u. We recommend sellers to store their bestselling product or latest product with us.

    Kindly take note, below are the rejected item during inbound process:

    • Broken seal
    • Dented Box
    • Bundling item must be in a box / same packaging
    • Wrong label / colour /access number of product approved by FBS team
    • Physical item not tally with PO description

    1. What will happen after Snack2u receives the appointed product?

    Once your products reach Snack2u's warehouse, they will be checked by Snack2u's quality specialists, labelled and stored. Incoming orders will automatically be fulfilled by Snack2u warehouse team. No action is required from you.

    1. Is Snack2u's appointed warehouse adequate and secure for my products?

    Yes, all items are covered by insurance.

    1. Am I able to retrieve my products if I no longer wish to use Fulfillment by Snack2u (FBS)?


    a. How to retrieve my products?

    Kindly fill up the Recall Form and contact our person-in-charge if you are in a hurry.

    b. How long is the process?

    For retrieve partial products, its take around 2-3 working days.

    For retrieve all products, its take within 2-5 working days.

     c. How do I pick up my products after the request has been approved?

    Seller need to arrange own transport to collect the products that recalled.

    FAQ for Buyer

    Will I receive any order confirmation after placing an order?

    An order confirmation with the order summary will be sent to you via Email.

    How do I place an order?

    Step1&2: Choose quantity you want to purchase & click “ADD TO CART”. 

    Step 3: Choose “View Shopping Cart” to view your selected items.

    Step 4a: You can estimate your shipping cost by clicking “Estimate your shipping”.

    Step 4b: You can directly click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” after confirm your order.

    Step 5: You will reach the Checkout section, kindly fill in the blank and choose payment method, click “Next”.

    Step 6: Choose your preferred shipping method, click “NEXT”.

    Step 7: Check your summary, click “NEXT”.

    Step 8: Choose the method; if pay with card, fill in the blank and click “Submit Payment” else choose Other payment method and click on the relevant bank. You will received an email after payment done.

    How can I change delivery address/ phone number/ recipient for my existing order?

    Changes in delivery address / phone number / recipient of the item is not allowed after the order has been successfully made. This is one of the precaution steps to avoid fraud attempt. Kindly ensure all the information is correct prior placing an order.

    What are the shipping fees/rates?

    Shipping rates are calculated based on weight, dimensions, origin, and destination. It’s also based on your selected shipping option. We do offer FREE SHIPPING for some specific items.

    How do I track my order status?

    Enter the tracking no. in this PAGE.

    When will I receive my order?

    After you have successfully placed your order, our Customer Service team will conduct a verification process and update you as soon as possible by email and SMS.

    After your order is verified, you can expect to receive your order within the following time frame:

    In Metro areas: 1 - 6 working days (except Sunday and holidays)

    In Non-Metro areas: 3 - 10 working days (except Sunday and holidays)

    * *If shipment lost in transit or unlocated, we will send a new replacement without any charges.

    How do I return an item?

    Kindly refer to Return & Refund Policy

    How can I know about the promotions/ sales Snack2u offers?

    You can :

    1. Surf at the PROMOTION section
    2. LIKE our FB Fan Page to get the latest offer.
    3. Subscribe to receive our email monthly.

    Kindly drop us an email or contact us if you still have further enquiry.
    Customer Service Hotline: 6012-9687811 (Whatsapp/Wechat available)