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      Freshly baked / 新鲜烘焙小吃
      Fresh baked pastries every day, preservative free, are you ready for it? 每天新鲜出炉的烘焙小食,无添加防腐剂,你准备好了吗?
      Cookies & Biscuits / 曲奇&饼干
      Amazing cookies and biscuits make you feel like just can't get enough… 美味的曲奇和饼干,让你咀嚼在嘴里,美好回忆留在思绪里…
      Snacks / 休闲零食
      Love snacking? Check out these tasty snacks…. 零食控?看看这些美味的休闲零食…
      Dried Fruit / 水果干
      Dried fruits are full of healthy nutrients, easy to digest and furthermore…. It just tastes so good! 水果干含有丰富的膳食纤维,容易消化,其营养价值不亚于新鲜水果哦……
      Condiment & Dressing / 调味品&酱料
      Nothing is more glorious than when your favorite condiment is used in food preparation. 当有人使用你最喜爱的调味品来准备食物时 ,没什么能让你感到更美好的了…
      Nuts, Seeds, Grains / 坚果类
      Perfect for anyone looking for something healthy to snack on. 听说坚果听说吃坚果能抗衰老、保护心脑血管……
      Imported Food / 进口食品
      Well-chosen, come from far away imported food, want to have a try? 精心挑选、不远万里漂洋过海的食品,你想试试吗?
      Beverages / 饮料
      Let’s take a breath and have a drink… 深呼吸,来喝杯饮料,轻松一下…
      Health Care Products / 保健品
      “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” “一天一蘋果,不用上診所…”